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Senior Living Options

“There are estimated to be up to 6 million LGBT baby boomers, and 1 [million] to 3 million over the age of 65.” - Jan Cullinane, coauthor with Cathy Fitzgerald of The New Retirement: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life.

Vibrant and Alive: The Kaizen Years
“Kaizen,” or “continual improvement,” is a theme that predominates at Boulder Conscious Coho. Like Louise Hay lovingly enthuses, “75 Is the New Middle Age!”

Boulder Conscious Coho aims to create the space
for anyone over the age of forty to find their chosen family and grow together over time within a vibrant and supportive living community. Why wait until you are 81, the average age that people enter retirement when you can age into that era amongst your friends?
Here, we encourage you not only to age with but to live with dignity. We believe in “ while aging,” applying all we’ve through life to ourselves and our communities each and every day, reflected in our work, creativity, environment, service and overall enjoyment of life.

Gay Retirement Facts are on the FAQ page

Lin Erhardt 
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