Boulder Conscious Coho - LGBT-Friendly Community Living
Mission and Values
Boulder Conscious Coho's mission is to create a supportive living environment for those who want to live in an LGBT-friendly community; to exude gratitude; to live in our truth; to facilitate wholeness; and to share our gifts. Our values include health, harmony, creativity, openness, integrity, respect, fairness, friendship,
communication, success, prosperity, and spiritual growth. We live within a framework of honesty and integrity. We believe the law of and in the delight of enhancing each others' lives.

Primary Purpose
The purpose of Boulder Conscious Coho is to create a vibrant and diverse community in which residents can mutually benefit At the heart of our community is a fond desire for compassionate connection and intentional community, where we and our families and friends enjoy fulfilling lives, and our elders can actively age-in-place with vibrancy, dignity, self-sufficient identities, and respect.

Our Vision

Our vision is one of weaving lives together in just enough ways as to be emotionally supportive, enjoy quality time together, grow gardens, bring joy to doing menial tasks, and share in the purchase of big-ticket items, so as to limit economic and ecological waste. We aim to live a green and sustainable lifestyle. Our goal is to acquire a twelve to thirty unit apartment complex, within Boulder city limits, and have the condo conversion complete for rental and the spring of 2012. 

As a second function, we hold that this can be a go-to clearinghouse for anyone interested in connecting with others around LGBT housing options in Colorado.

Lin Erhardt 
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