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Conscious Cohousing Defined

What Is Cohousing?
As defined by Wikipedia, “A cohousing community is a type of intentional community composed of private homes with full kitchens, supplemented by extensive common facilities. A cohousing community is planned, owned, and managed by the residents, groups of people who want more interaction with their neighbors.”

Our version
While we agree with certain modalities and ways of being enveloped in the above definition, Boulder Conscious Coho is creating an exciting, impassioned, and spirited environment that’s inspired by the cohousing community model, with our own application of consciousness and conscientiousness added for good measure. Yes, we share common areas, and yes, we can opt into co-creating joint decisions for the highest benefit of every resident. And, if meetings aren’t your thing, you can always opt out. A key element that our community engenders and enjoys is supporting honoring one's self and self-sufficiency.

How Boulder Conscious Coho Imbues Consciousness Into Cohousing

The intention of cohousing is to share in social and management activities, along with communication and care for one another, creating a sense of camaraderie
addition to the six common characteristics of cohousing listed below, we bring mindful awareness to our interactions with each other, as well as hold to the philosophy of 100% responsibility, based on Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks' work.

Tenants of Cohousing
• participatory process
• designed for  community
• shared common facilities
• resident management
• collaborative decision-making
• no shared community economy
(meaning they’re not income-sharing)

Lin Erhardt 
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